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The first word of special needs is SPECIAL!

So this week is school conferences week. Both of my conferences were yesterday. We have 45 minutes with each teacher to hear how each child is doing. I adore both of my boys' teachers. They are great teachers and are both really committed to their jobs. Little Mister's teacher arrives each morning at 6 am to get organized for the day and Little Lawyer's teacher stays so late the custodian waits for her to leave each night to lock up! We have been so pleased this year (and basically every year) with their teachers and their progress. Little Lawyer's conference went exactly as I expected. He is very bright, works hard, great example to others, thrilled about the Robotics Team, loving the Gifted Program ... etc. Little Mister's conference went well, but these are always very hard for me. He works hard and is a great kid, but he has a lot of things working against him. When they put them into words I always feel like I have been hit with a ton of bricks. I know what my baby deals with and how frustrated he gets, but there are times I truly believe he is pretty close to "normal". He has more good days now then bad ones and sometimes I actually get to belive he is a "normal" six year old. Even though this year has been a huge success, he is still struggling. Every time I have to sit down and discuss what he struggles with I am heart broken. If he chose to be an average student that would be one thing, but to only be able to be an average student is another for me. His teacher feels his is doing really well, but will always struggle to be the middle of the pack. I was a bright child with great motivation! I did not have to work for my grades. I could remember information and studied very little! I did not appreciate this at all. I truly regret that!
After struggling all evening with all the things his teacher and I discussed I have been able to step back and look at the big picture ...
1. He is fully included into the regular curriculum far before we thought he would be.
2. He is performing academically just like an average kindergartener!
3. He is not relying on his special ed assistant as much I as I thought he would.
4. His teacher and all the support staff adore him.
5. He is a hard worker.
6. He is a perfectionist.
7. He is now going to therapy one day a week instead of the original three days.
8. He is truly special!
The rest of the information just doesn't matter. He is a great kid. He has made such a large jump in his abilities in the last eight months with therapy. He struggles, I struggle ... but he is doing well! Last night before dinner he made a painting on the computer. It has a blue background with a red heart in the middle. The center of the heart has my name in it in his adorable handwriting! I found it this morning when I sat down at the computer! Yes, he struggles and I struggle ... but I wouldn't trade him for anything!


  1. Okay, I am crying over that one. Little Mister is a great kid and we all feel proud of the accomplishments that both of you have made this year. Its the small things, that are changing and developing, that are making everything easier. Just think he can actually sit all the way through a haircut without squirming! HUGE, most kids his age don't do that(especially my own)!

  2. My youngest, who we also call Little Mister, has been through the same thing. Right now we're trying to figure out what to do for high school, because I cannot stand the SpEd director (that's what happens when you have older kids--you learn things about people you might be better of not knowing)and I want to get him out of SpEd and into a different type of program so he can actually be with his peers rather than lumped in with low performing students who don't care. This is the danger when they get older.

    But mainly, you just have to take it one year at a time (then you worry if they'll ever get into college and live somewhere other than your basement!)

  3. My readers are the best! Thanks for the support! I am so pleased to be able to sit down and process my feelings now instead of letting them overwhelm me as I have in the past! I am growing as well! And God Bless his teacher. She rocks! I am thankful she adores him as much as we do and it is thanks to her that he can function so well in an inclusion setting! Her attention to details are such a blessing to us! Go, Mrs. C!!!



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