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My kids actually like each other?

Are we serious? For some reason ... and trust me I am not questioning why ... my kids have played togther all afternoon! Except for one very minor scuffle ... they have been GOLDEN! Maybe they are exhausted from the weekend of snow, maybe they are afraid to fight, but whatever the reason, I LOVE IT! It means I actually get a few moments to myself and I get to watch them and smile! I was fun Mommy and took them to Blockbuster. They each got a movie and I snagged three for myself. I am thinking the next three nights will be movie night for me! Lawyer is busing preparing for trial and has not snuggle time for me! As we returned home I heard Little Lawyer say to his younger brother ... Want to come to my room and watch a movie with me? After I picked myself up off the floor from the shock ... I snuck to the office and have been surfing online ever since! Oh, this is pure heaven!!!

Tonight's selection ... The Tudors Season One! Any one seen this series on Showtime?

A warm blanket, a fire, a large glass of wine and Henry VIII ... awesome!

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