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Friends and Toasting the New Year!

What a fabulous dinner party! How can you beat good wine, amazing food, great friends and tons of laughter? We had such a great time and are still enjoying great food as leftovers tonight! Lawyer of course got tons of compliments on his Bourbon Cajun Beef Tenderloin, no surprise to anyone, and his is still glowing with all the great reviews! If I only ate meat I too could gush over his efforts ... but I do not!! Do love the smell, though.

I learned a lot about myself and my friends this year. Some of which I would like to share!

1. Pick the people who will be totally ok with you not being ready on time. Even better ... pick the ones who are thrilled at the chance of drinking wine in your bathroom while you dig through your closet where you have "nothing to wear".
2. When your hairdresser is your friend she will do your hair in exchange for a drink! Got to love salon hair!
3. When times get tough, the real true people in your life are the ones standing with you offering you tissue, nose spray and wine!
4. Pick great friends you can look up to and admire as the most amazing people!
5. I am truly blessed! I have great friends that make me feel that I am as strong as I want to be!

Friendship ... nothing better than great, dear friends. I hope my kids are always as blessed as I am!


  1. It takes a great person to be surrounded by great friends!

  2. You are the best ... I keep you around for those fabulous comments! Well, it isn't the only reason! You are a great cook too, hee! hee!



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