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Resolutions or Restrictions?

Ok, I have been inspired after reading my favorite blog Sippy Cups are For Chardonnay,, and I am coming up with my resolutions for 2008! My thought is if I post them then I have to do them. All my friends will notice if I am not and will rag on me! Nothing worse than being outed!!!

Ok here goes:
1. Exercise! - I hate this word and it hates me, but I need to do it to be healthy and in shape. I have said it and now June Cleaver is going to ask me when I am joining the gym. Phone should be ringing soon ...
2. Water - I used to love to drink water and would drink it until I floated away. Now it seems having three kids has forced me to switch to sweet tea for the caffeine and sugar! Can't let the little ones get ahead of me or they will one day tie me up and run the country. (Atleast Babycakes would!)
3. Read more - It is not that I don't read but I seem to only read special ed books. These can really drag you down. I need to read more hip books so my friends won't be having conversations above my head. I never like those times!
4. Shop less - probably not a good thing that my friends can have me paged at the local TJMaxx if I can not be reached via cell phone! Plus Lawyer would love it and we all want better marriages!
5. Write more letters - My grandmother says that letter writing is a lost art. She is right! And she would love it if I sat down and wrote to her. I definitely do not want to have any regrets!
6. Get my list of house to dos done - I am tired of driving in the driveway and seeing something I want to do and not doing it! It is time to tackle the list! Beware Lawyer - all that time not shopping will be fixing things around the house. Scary!!!
7. Be content! - Big one, don't know how to start this without a bag from the local TJ - but I am willing to try! :)

Ok, I have said them out loud ... here's to sticking to them and getting them done. At least now that they are posted I can't say I lost the list! Hee Hee!


  1. Don't you hate it that our friends play tennis, exercise and run for the fun of it? I am going to start exercising also, I am just not sure where I am going to find the extra hours in the day!

  2. I already have your gym pass for a free session!!

  3. Oh I am sure you do ... but these kids must go back to school so I can psyche myself up!



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