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Let's play catch up!

Ok ... so I may have mentioned Lawyer is out of town. That makes me a little loopy! Not that I understand why ... he is always late and seems too tired to pitch in at night, but somehow I found that helpful. Like I said ... not sure why!!! My friends make sure that I breathe smoothly each and every day. Without their help and unending support I would be Scary Mom!!! Thank you June Cleaver, Sporty Spice, Lefty, Nantucket and MAC. It truly takes a entire village to raise children!!!

Ok ... to recap the last few days ...

Comcast Cable - their logo should read ... Give us all your money and we will have to come and work on your system almost daily! Ok, so we have Comcast Cable, High Speed Internet, Telephone and DVR services. And the repair guy has been here so many times the last couple of weeks that the neighbors must think I am sleeping with the guy! It is unreal!! At the moment I can make outgoing calls, but not get incoming calls ... can receive emails, but not send them ... get all channels downstairs, but not all of them in the den ... record shows on the DVR, but not watch any of them. Seriously? This is what I pay $120 a month for? He is coming back yet again tomorrow!

The Tudors ... I love this series! The Other Boyeln Sister was the best book I ever read and the Tudors series on Showtime is SO GOOD!!! But, beware ... it is juicy and quite scandalous!! I finished the first DVD and am on to the next three episodes later this week.

Basketball for 6 year olds - painful! One of the moms at yesterdays game put it so clearly! We spend all our time teaching them to share, be polite, don't hit and don't yank things from others. Then we put them onto the basketball court and expect them to do just the opposite. No wonder Little Mister looks at me like I've lost all touch with reality! That sweet kid is struggling to walk and dribble at the same time and then I expect him to also steal the ball without asking politely? I can just see him saying to another player ... excuse me - may I please have that ball?

Anyone elses child have the traffic light system for discipline at school? Well, it goes like this ... you start at green and as you disobey you move to yellow and then to red. The goal ... stay on green. Well, Little Mister is struggling with his own frustration. So, today his traffic light said and I quote ... "Beyond Black". What the hell do I do with that?

This is going to be a very long week! Must get more wine!!

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