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Overcast and overscheduled!

It is Saturday am and very overcast! It is very cold and wet and is the kind of day you want to hunker down and watch movies by the fire! But, no hope for that ... it is a crazy day for me!!! We have to pick up Little Lawyer from a sleepover at 9:30, Basketball at 11:00, a double birthday party at 2:30 and tons of errands to try and squeeze in! I must say I am really looking forward the birthday cakes today. June Cleaver always orders the best cakes ... and my thought is two birthday cakes, must try both ... right? At least a small slice of each! I was trying to run before Lawyer left for work, but he left way too early for me!!! I was also hoping he would make me coffee before he left ... but no go for that either! He makes much better coffee than me. I think it is just because I did not have to make it! Currently I am a trial widow and will remain that way for atleast the next 3 weeks! As long as I do not get too worn out I will be quite productive!!! But, at the moment I am pooped! I need some water, some B vitamins and a bowl of oatmeal and then I should be ready for this day! Think of me today and the next couple of weeks ... being short one parent can be taxing for all! Lawyer is not the best help in the evenings with his crazy schedule, but one can always hope. And then there is Sunday afternoons that I get to disappear for a while. Oh, well ... there must be an up side!

Went to see the cutest movie last Sunday night ... 27 Dresses! If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it ... the cutest movie I have seen in a while. It seems all the movies out right now are heavy ... this one is not! Great movie ... very fun! And take your friends that you can whisper and gossip with ... even better!

1 comment:

  1. My day is the opposite. I'm just sitting around watching the dust bunnies multiply. Rarely happens, so I'm gonna lap it up while I can.



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