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No famous life for me please!

No thank you! I would never want to be famous! Not for one minute would I want the happenings of my life to be plastered anywhere! Plus, to top it off ... I am not exciting at all! What would you see in the mags ... me at the gym (very scary site), me at the kids school (could be a scary outbreak with the kids involved), me at Little Mister's therapy, me driving through Starbucks (the same thing every time), or me running errands. BORING with a capital B.

I love Heath Ledger and will miss his movies terribly! He was talented and not to mention SEXY!!! I am very sad he is gone ... But, it is just one more reminder to me that I would not want to be famous for even one day!

Famous designer ... now maybe that would be cool.

Why am I blogging all day today you ask yourself? Well, Babycakes is under the weather and has tucked herself in for a power nap. That means way too much time for me ...

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