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Snow! and Social Retards!!

I am awake at crack-thirty this morning while the rest of the house is sound asleep! Last night's winter weather was amazing! Driving home from therapy late yesterday afternoon we were treated to some snow flurries! Then ... down it came! You would have thought we lived in Colorado with the way the snow was falling! The boys played and played and played until I thought they would collapse in the entry way from exhaustion! They were even out playing way after dark and I had to peel Little Mister out of the yard at 8 pm! He was half frozen, more than tired and still playing HARD!!! Ofcourse ... they are all sleeping soundly and hoping they wake up to more snow and ice and school closed for the day! I have news for them ... School is open and I am free for the day!!! I was quite concerned last night that I would be entertaining three kids today ... but lucky for me ... school is on! Oh, Little Lawyer will be so devastated! And that should make for a great morning! Nothing like a very grumpy, hormonal 11 year old! I should start coffee know to be well awake by 6:30!!!

Yesterday while picking up the boys at school I encountered a Socially Retarded Mother. Now, the kids had gotten into a little disagreement and as you all know those disagreements are pretty normal! And so it went like ... I would sell you if I could ... I would sell you on ebay ... I would sell you on don't even know what ebay is ... yes I do ... no, you don't and you shouldn't use words you don't understand ... yah, yah, yah! And me thinking as the parents are gathering in the entry way of the school now that it is 2:00 pm ... let us get the Hell out of here! So, then Little Mister decides he is throughly mad at Little Lawyer, throws his glasses and it is now CRAZY!!! There are people ducking the glasses and they are all staring! So, I bend down to retrieve the very small glasses before they get trampled and this Socially Retarded Mother says to me ... "I would be mortified if my kids behave like that!" Like I am not? Seriously? It always amazes me how people lack the tact gene! When is it ever ok to let the thoughts we have running around in our heads to come out of our mouths? Over the course of the last 6 1/2 years I have been victim to plenty of unsolicited comments from the strangest people. Having a special needs child who is emotionally immature can make for some interesting situations ... but I handle them and we move on! I do not need any help from people I do not know! So ... unless you are plan on handing me a large glass of wine or something in a rocks glass, please let me parent my own kids!

Off to get the coffee ... have a great day and stay warm!!!


  1. She has the children with NO personality, the ones that will be led around like lambs for the rest of their lives by others! Be proud of your children that care enough about each other to fight, indifference is much, much worse.

  2. With older kids snow days are great because they generally sleep late, then lay around watching tv or playing video games, can get their own food, and even better, usually go to a friend's house where there's much more fun to be had.

    Win-win all the way around (as long as the power doesn't go out--then all bets are off)

  3. I guess that makes me thankful for children who are strong enough to feel the need to sell each other on Ebay! Hopefully they will grow up to be strong, confident children! Maybe even own their own business one day! Thanks, Hair Girl!



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