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OMG ... I have been linked!

It is a glorious day! I have been added as a link onto one of my favorite blogs ... clemson girl and the coach! She is uber hysterical! I have said it before, but it needs to be said again ... if she lived next door we would be BFFs. She says things I only say to myself in my head. I highly recommend you read her blog regularly ... you will love her! Check it out at

Ok ... day 2 of the hair on fire cleanup. I have not been to the gym yet this week and I am feeling a little guilty. But, I have accomplished so much that I should be done tomorrow and back on track for working out in the am. I got so much done yesterday and was so pooped last night when I finally crashed at 12:01 am! Tree down and packed up, basement cleaned out and run to Goodwill, paperwork filed and cleaned out, laundry finally put away from a week ago, kids fed, bathed and tucked in ... tons more that I can not even think of! Such a great day!!!

Today ... another good one. UPS, Home Depot (a lot of useless stuff which I NEEDED!!), private school meeting, mail sorted, more laundry put away and last and most exciting ... photos in frames for the stairs. Still working on that one ... trying to make the most of the Aaron Bros buy one get one for a penny sale. I would be nice to finally get all those expensive sitting photos of the kids hung up and out of the chest. We got them all dressed up and made us all suffer through those sittings ... probably need to reep the benefits! I swear when I walk into Aaron Bros and begin choosing frames and laying them out on the floor they seem to look at me weird ... can't figure out why. But... a note to my friends ... if you need frames you might want to avoid the location in the Woodlawn plaza, it is Picked. Over. Can't remember by whom ...


  1. Have you read Clemson girl today? She so lives here in town! She ate lunch at La Parilla! I almost want to ask her if she's an East Cobber or West Cobber. That would freak her out, you with the blog crush and me trying to find out where she lives, so that we can all meet!

  2. I rejoined Jazzercise over a week ago and I still haven't gone. Those 8 weeks will be going by fast if I keep this up.

    You're supposed to frame all those pictures? I thought you were just supposed to put them in a box and file them until the kids are all grown up and your parents don't speak to you anymore because they still don't have a senior picture of your kid who is now a junior in college because you can't find the file you stuck them in.

    Wow, Impressed am I.



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