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Super Saturday and ... STRIKE!

Ah ... Saturday! I think my favorite morning of the entire week, except maybe for Monday when organization once again kicks in! This is going to be a glorious day! I am feeling great this morning and ready for the weekend!! On today's schedule ...

Yummy coffee - check!
Breakfast of oatmeal - check!
Blog - working on it!
Make beds
Start laundry
Workout - waiting for June Cleaver to confirm
Basketball at 10:00
Drive thru lunch
Chiropractor at 12:00
Playdates for kids
Workout - if this morning does not work out!
Laundry, Laundry, Laundry

Then ... FUN!!! Tonight is the night that my friends and I are going bowling for my birthday. Our plans over the week have changed (oh, so many times) but we are set for 8 pm for bowling and dinner. I am quite sore from working out this week. I know ... can you believe it? I joined the Gym on Wednesday and so far have been twice. Today will make three for the week ... pretty impressed with myself! Of course, my friends pretend to pass out every time I walk through the doors ... but I am there! Babycakes is falling in love with the childcare, so all should be good. She tried to strip yesterday while she was there ... so she must be feeling completely at home! Any place she goes with her best friend Curls becomes the best place ever! Much easier for me to sell! I might not even have to bribe her with lip gloss next week.

So, the guy teaching Pilates is too funny! He used to be a back up dancer for Justin Timberlake and must have called us girl a hundred times. It was tons of fun and my abs ache way too much today! But, all in all a success!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the bowling report! I am pretty good, so I am thrilled! I mean pretty good considering I have terrible depth perception! Hopefully my sore tummy won't get in the way of my moves down the lane. Thank God Lawyer is not going ... Fred Flinstone always gets in the way of a good score. All those years on the bowling league makes him think he can still bring in the big numbers. What a geek he was! Personalized bowling shirt and all. Can't you just see the spread color crazy shirts? Oh, no wonder he is afraid of spread color shirts now!

Anyway ... off we head at 8 pm! You know we will be the hotest people there! Us girls all gussied up at the alley. I am thinking we will STICK OUT! Hee, hee ... stay tuned for details!

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