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Sporty Spice beat us all!

We had so much fun last night! But as June Cleaver says we would have a great time together in a paper sack. She's right, I have the greatest friends! After sleeping in this morning (pretty late) and a strong cup of Henry's Blend I am ready to dish the details! June, Sporty Spice, Leftie, Hair Girl, California Girl and I loaded up in the minivan and head out! (We really need a going out car that doesn't scream ... Watch out here comes the MOMS!) We started with apps and drinks at the Blue Grotto in Sandy Springs. It was a last minute suggestion from Leftie and a great one! But ... since we did not have ressies we had to wait. After a round of drinks and another round on the owner we were giggling quite a bit! So much so that a sweet little woman came up and asked us if we were having a bachelorette party. Am I painting the picture for you? Pretty scary! Blue Grotto is super yummy and very well priced. We had a great round of tapas and another round of drinks and were off to bowl!

When we got to the bowling alley we had to wait, so we decided to play pool. Hair Girl and I were solids and June and Sporty Spice were stripes. Hair Girl and I took them until she scratched! Totally sucked! But we laughed so hard the bar people almost threw us out thinking we had been way over served! Not really, just a group of very silly girls laughing at our ability to make pool look really stupid!! We had a blast.

Our lane was ready and off to bowl! We all did ok for stay at home moms, but clearly Sporty Spice completed kicked ass. We have decided she rocks in anything athletic ... which I do not! I usually can hold my own in bowling ... but last night I came in 4th out of 6! Yuck oh!!! Lawyer said it may have to do with the fact that I smelled like a brewery! His comment ... "did you even know which lane you were on"? I am not sure I get his point!?!

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