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I am so in trouble!!

Ok, so Babycakes is sick ... or seems to be ... and was up last night again with a fever. This is the oddest thing I have ever experienced. She has now woken up twice in a week at 11:00 pm with a high fever, whines and moans for a couple of hours, finally falls back to sleep and then seems perfect when she wakes up in the am! Very strange! We are going to the ped tomorrow to have her checked out head to toe!

So ... when the boys got up this morning and were ready to leave for school I had the following conversation with Little Lawyer about getting to school. I usually drive them to make sure they are not tardy and that Little Mister makes it to class without making 100 trips to see everyone and say hello before the tardy bell rings. And this is a real problem ... he has so many tardies that I am one away from getting a visit from a social worker! NO. LIE!

Me: I need a huge favor. Your sister is not feeling well at all and I would like her to be able to sleep in. Can you please ride the bus to school this morning?

Him: Mom, you know I do not like to ride the bus!

Me: Yes, I know ... but please do this for me today since she is sick. I would really appreciate it.

Him: The bus arrives too late and then I do not get all my morning work done and have to dock myself in my points register.

Me: I will write a note to your teacher asking her for grace this morning since Babycakes is sick and you are doing me a huge favor.

Him: Mom I really don't want to ride the bus!

Me: How about $5?

Him: Done. See you later!

Seriously? This really happened ... I must have completely lost my mind. I just bought a favor from an 11 year old! And we are only 4 days into Lawyer's trip. I am completely screwed!!

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