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His response ...

And this is why I keep him around ...

As always, you are right. Even though I make my living as a wordsmith I don't believe words ever could capture the level of appreciation and admiration I have for you surviving two weeks alone. Of course, to repeat your suggested language for a Valentine's card would be the equivalent of seppuku, neverthless here goes: I know I am an idiot (but I am your idiot) and I love you. It has been wonderful to spend quality time (if you exclude my moaning and groaning about how deathly ill I have been) with you and our wonderful children. I will see you soon with dinner and perhaps a bottle of wine and candles ....

Ofcourse, he is way smarter than me because I had to look up the word seppuku. Hope you all have a great night! I am eating thai (my fav) and drinking white wine ... yum!


  1. You got to love some Lawyer!
    I hope he send you flowers, too.

  2. Nope, no flowers ...just veggie yellow curry and some basil rolls. But, they were delish!!!

  3. Okay, I guess that was a nice enough response. I had to look up seppuku too. Learn something new every day, I guess...



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