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Is it spring?

The weather outside is so beautiful today I would swear it was spring. But is it? I can not remember what the groundhog said was coming ... do you?

Ok ... so I have now caught up on my sleep, had a couple of days of really good coffee, almost put away all the laundry I washed and done almost all of the backlog of monogramming. I should be feeling pretty good.

But wait ... I am really kind of hacked off!

Valentines Day was Thursday and it is now Tuesday and I am tired of waiting for my Valentines card to arrive!

So ... this is the email I have written to send to Lawyer at the office this afternoon -

Hey! I know you are just getting home from a long trip out of town. I also know that you have been stressed beyond the imagination and came home feeling like crud with two ear infections and very little sleep. But now that you are rested and beginning to recover, I would like to point some things out.
I, too, have been on a very long trip. One where I am alone with three kids. (One of which is special needs and for some reason has been quite frustrated lately!) During my vacation, two of them got sick. That required three doctor's visits and quite a few sleepness nights. Although I am not sick ... I am suffering from a disease which shortens ones patience and makes one quite frustrated!!!
Like I said I know you have had a rough two weeks, but it has not been bon bons and spa dates here at the home front. A Valentines card would have been greatly appreciated! One that said ...
I am sorry to have left you at home alone! I miss you and hope you are holding up ok! I know I acted like a horses --- before I left and I am really sorry! I can't wait to come home and hang out and spend some quality time with you and the kids! Happy Valentines Day, I love you!

I am just saying ...

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