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I love all things vintage! These are perfect!!! These cupcakes are on the cover of Country Living Magazine, one I read every month!! If I could only bake, which I can't, I would have these sitting on my kitchen counter right now. But, since I can't I have a tray of two bite vanilla cupcakes complete with pink icing and sprinkles. They must be lacking in flavor because all the kids are only eating the frosting and ditching the rest. And my kids do not pass up junk food. It doesn't exist much in our home and when they find it they eat it up pretty quickly!!!

Ok, to update the photos I have been promising for over a week! To make the following happies you need one Walmart, one Target (maybe two if it is a popular one) and one Michaels. If you are lucky like me they are all in the same general area. Lucky for me - not so lucky for Lawyer!!

Ok, so I am a retard and for some reason must make this into two posts! I am so sorry ...

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