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Super cheap Valentine Happies

Ok, the first one ...

This is an adorable scarf I found at Target for $7!!! It screams Lilly to me with the lemons, limes and oranges! It will be perfect for my friend Nantucket. I also got it for myself to wear with jeans and my new spring pink driving Mocs from Lands End!

Ok, for this one you need a pink striped bucket from Michaels, pink striped ribbon also from Michaels, conversation hearts from Walmart and pink gingham glasses from the dollar spot at Target. Babycakes cute little friend at school is getting this one!

These are for the boys' teachers! This is a $1 red heart bowl from Michaels filled with pink and white M&Ms I got in small bags at Walmart and tied it up with the same striped ribbon from Michaels. The M&Ms are sold in small bags with single colors. You can get pink, white or red. I got the pink and white ones since my bowls are red!

These are super cute!!! I got these $1 soaps at Walmart! They come in six colors, but I only got the pink and green ones. Shocking, I know!!! I will put these in pink striped buckets from Michaels (in photo before) and tie them with ribbon and the pink gingham sunglasses. These are for Babycakes' BFFs. I am so excited about these!!! They are so cute and so super cheap!! If I know Babycakes she will be wearing her sunglasses in the bathtub while washing with her soap. That is just the kind of girl she is ...

1 comment:

  1. How sweet!!! The minis got red and navy heart designed boxers! Not as fun...



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