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I love me some Kirby!!!

I just watched last Thursday's Lipstick Jungle so I am officially caught up. I love this show! I was very sceptical because of my first love affair with Sex and the City ... but I have been quite impressed. Three episodes and I am completely hooked! Though after watching this episode I am pretty sure Nico and Kirby will not be "hanging" out any more. Your thoughts?
I was thinking Joe Bennett was darn near perfect. Rich, romantic, sensitive, thoughtful ... what more could you want? But, then they revealed his flaw ... that he is not very social. He wants all of his time with Victory to be all theirs and not shared with others. I do see her dilema, but would this be that bad? I could get used to not sharing my quality time. He seems pretty busy and as long she balances her time doing other things she likes ... is it all that bad? What do you think?
Are you completely addicted like me?


  1. I don't know why, but I am not loving Lipstick Jungle. It is ok, but not not great (to me). I think Cashmere Mafia might be a tiny bit better. Next week's episode of LJ does look good though - with Kirby's potential lawsuit!

  2. Hey, you said that you do monogramming for $$ on another post--do you work out of your house or a shop?

  3. oh yes the whole kirby thing is hot. I love lipstick jungle and somehow got more interested in it than cashmere mafia. Kirby just makes me nervous now. Wow. Can't wait to see what happens next. Fun show.

  4. mom on the run - I own my own business. I make and sell monogrammed items ... and I also monogram for others ... what do you have?

  5. Right now I just have some pillowcases for J2's room--I never get to Kennesaw anymore where I used to take everything. But both girls told me that they wanted to get the back collars of all their Ralph Lauren OCBD's monogrammed, because you know how stuff kinda walks away in a sorority house. A couple years ago I had one done like that for each of them, but now they want all of them done that way.

    And in case you missed all the OM conversation on clemsongirl's comments, I'm off the square by the mountain.

  6. And I know I'll need at least 4 or 5 of the spa wraps for J2's friends who are graduating this year.

  7. LOVE Kirby. Maybe I need an assistant....a manny?



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