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Rain, rain ... please go away!

I hate to whine ... but rain please go away!!! I know I am being selfish, what with this drought and all, but please cut this special ed mom a break! He does not do rain ... which makes me dislike it as well.

Oh, what to do? How about hold a venti nonfat latte in one hand and read blogs with the other? Works for me?

Tons of monogramming today ... can't stay long, but maybe more later.

My goal ... to be the "Customer of the Week" at the local Lucky Buck. Although "Kate" will probably need to change her requested drink. Mine is way boring ... not like Charlotte the current customer of the week that requests a ... Grande-nonfat-no whip-extra hot-extra foam- Hot Chocolate. What the hell is that mess? You know she is high maintenance ...

Off to work ... stay dry! MPM


  1. Hey! Just found your comment on my blog. Thanks so much. I'll be praying for you and yours as well. I, too, am sick of the rain. Sinus headaches. Love your blog and the post on Lipstick Jungle. I'm loving that show! :)

  2. I hope your son does ok with the rain!



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