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Lawyer is back in the house!!!

Can you believe it??? Our Daddy is finally home!!! I can hardly believe it myself until I find another mess he has made. Then I realize, YEP!! He's home! But, all in all it is fabulous! My parents actually just left so I am taking a quick moment to blog and then it will be alone errand time. Oh ... the words sound so sweet! ALONE, ERRAND TIME!!! I can almost smell the grande nonfat latte brewing at Starbucks!

I had to skip out of our monthly friends get together last night and it really bummed me out. But, I was completely exhausted and at my limit of frustration with all that has been going on here at home and all I wanted to do was take a hot bath, crawl into bed and read stupid magazines. I feel terrible for skipping out ... but it was time to relax and try to catch up on some sleep. Today I feel rested, relaxed and sort of back to normal. Thanks for letting me skip my BFFs ... you know I missed you all terribly!

If you have a second ... check out ... she wrote a little story about me and it was so sweet. And contrary to what you have heard ... she thinks me easy going and laid back. Apparently she hasn't seen my car or my pantry. Oh well ... it is a great dream!

Have a great one ... MPM


  1. I decided I needed a mental health night last night, too, so DOTR went to the basketball games and I watched Pride and Prejudice...twice. Matthew Macfadyen is Darcilicious.

  2. We missed you! It was fun to sit around and chat, the hubby's even joined us at the table for half the evening. Imagine that, the game must have been over and pool wasn't holding their interest. Hope you are feeling better, love you bunches.



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