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Hello! Good morning ... I hope you too are enjoying a yummy cup of joe! If I had my way today I would be having mine in the pink cup above ... but instead I am using my favorite cup from La Madeline. Almost as fabulous!!!

Another great night of doing nothing and going to sleep extra early. I am feeling more and more like myself with every night's sleep. I was not sleeping well with Lawyer out of town and it really caught up with me! I am better with each morning. And ofcourse, with Lawyer back to making the coffee ... all is almost perfect!

Ok ... find of the month here! I am addicted to monograms ... quess that is the reason I own a monogramming business! And this is what I found today ...

Yes, ladies these are monogrammed car mats!!! And I thought the monogram on the back of my car was the best thing out there ... maybe a close second. I ordered a set for the Yukon this morning. I tried to upload my selection ... but no go. I ordered the one in the center on the bottom. They are beige mats edged with black and white polka dots complete with a black monogram. So stinking cute. Next month ... I will order the trunk mat! I only ordered mats for the front two seats. No sense wasting good mats on grubby little muddy shoes. Don't you agree? Check out the site ... Super cute mats and pretty reasonable!!! Custom mats for $100 ... pretty cool!

Ok ... so on this President's Day my fifth grader asked me the following question ...

Him: Mom ... do you know the first five presidents?
Me: Ofcourse I do ... let me finish making coffee and we can discuss it. (a.k.a. let me check google and get back to you)

The answer: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe.

Just in case you too get caught with no answer!

Have a great one ... MPM

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