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The Sober Hero

Little Mister is learning to spell! Let's just start there. So ... he comes home the other day with this cute picture he drew at school. There was a post it attached with a note from his teacher. The post it said "Enjoy!". I set it aside with all the other daily paperwork to look at later. Little Lawyer noticed it and says to me ... "Mom, what is a Sober Hero?". Well ... that explains it all. I am assuming he was going for Super Hero? But maybe not ...

This is me ... he drew it yesterday ...

I am looking pretty fabulous, don't you think? And here is the love note he attached to it ...

He is quite the charmer!

Oh ... and yes, the photos of the stair project I was working on and promised you.

I love it! But, now I want to paint the walls mustard and the hand rails black. Will it ever end?

Have a great one ... and pray it does not rain today. Little Mister "hates" rain and asked me to pray it would not rain today. And an apology to all the parents at gymnastics yesterday. If I did not previously tell you ... my son does not do rain.!!!

Clemson Girl ... where do you get the cute wine in the pink can? I am thinking that will be standard issue on Tuesdays and Thursdays during rainy gymnastics!



  1. I love the drawing of you and the little love note. That is soooo sweet! My little boy is 4 and not quite to this stage yet. I liked the "sober hero" too - ha! Your stair project is so impressive. It looks really nice. Deep mustard yellow on the walls with black hand rails would look great too. That would really jazz it up.

  2. love the project! i monogram too but i have overworked my machine. thank goodness as a break is nice! and, i live in georgia! glad i found your blog. ate at la madeline in dallas, texas and almost bought a coffee cup but didn't want to travel with it. i had too much red wine last night (we are on winter break)and guess what, coffee didn't even sound good this morning. okay...tmi for not even knowing you:o)

  3. workinthatpreppy ... I too had some wine last night! Thank goodness for the coffee this am because I was pooped!!!

    Love your blog ...



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