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You can call me Kate!

Ok ... this happens to me all the time! I go to Starbucks , aka the Lucky Buck, and they ask me for my name. Pretty straight forward. So ... about once a month (and I go to the Lucky Buck about twice a week, ok three) they get my name messed up. And every time it is the same screw up ... Kate! Atleast I like the name. So, you can call me Kate! If it was only Kate Spade. We can all dream!

Love, Love, Love all my new readers!!! Keep em coming. I love your comments and your support. It is way fun.

Get out the umbrella ... it is raining in Atlanta today! MPM


  1. Ooh, for the longest time they wrote Supermom on my cup. Notsomuch anymore!

  2. Whenever someone gets my name wrong it's usually "Cindy". I don't know why, but it's been this way my entire life.

    Just call me Cathy with a "C". :-)

    P.S. I enjoyed my tour of your little piece of blog-land.



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