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If I take the drinking advice ...

Ok ... so I have read all your comments and I am pondering my options. I still do not "like" him and still am very frustrated at the amount of work I am doing alone. I have taken Hair Girl's advice and I must remember, I need his paycheck. That might buy him some time! But, I will say I am thinking the flowers and gifts shown above would be a good start. Atleast if I am to remain drunk I will need happies! That way my drunk arse will look cute and my house will look fresh with all the pink flowers he will have delivered. That way they will not be the scary ones in the package from Publix. Those are below standards and will not do!
This morning he was to get Little Mister some cereal and a cup of milk while I helped his brother get himself together. Small and easy task, yes? When I arrived downstairs Lawyer was cooking bacon and seemed confused. When I asked the problem ... he confessed. He had no idea which cereal Little Mister eats. This is not hard work folks. The kid only eats one kind (except for Saturday) and he eats it EVERY morning. If he had only asked the sweet boy sitting at the table this would have progressed without my assistance. Then he poured him a cup of milk which was properly returned to him. Not by me ... but by Little Mister!

Lawyer - "What is wrong with the milk?"

Little Mister - "Ask mom."

Lawyer - "What is wrong with the milk?"

Me - "He doesn't drink that, he drinks chocolate soy!"

Oh ... I have so far to go! I am thinking of hiring a wife for myself ... any takers ...


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