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8 days to BEACH!!

Eight more days and then we are off to the beach for the week! I love Spring Break! It is georgous weather and then you can still wear a cute outfit at night without sweating your arse off! Eight more days ... I do love the beach!

The bad part ... I do not look like my friend here in this photo ... for so many reasons! The main two I am not skinny and I am not tan! Must work hard this week on some self tanner so as not to blind all my fellow beach goers! That would be bad, bad! I do own this adorable suit, but I bought it with an even cuter white eyelet cover up! Great combo!!
Ok, so I tried the drunk thing! Not really drunk ... but definitely saucy! It worked ok ... but I was late putting my kids down and seemed to leave half of my life over at June Cleavers when I left. Must work hard and practice more! Please know I will not be having two (large) vodka tonics every night. On that path I will be Betty Ford bound in a matter of weeks. It was a perfect afternoon sitting outside June's house while the kids played for hours and then we (read she) whipped up some mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and apples for the kids while I sat and drank. We bathed the kids and I put mine to bed at home. Lawyer's comment ... "you must be saucy - you are never late putting the kids to bed." I must say it was nice not to be so rigid and freaked out during arsenic hour. You know the one - the time of day you either want to feed arsenic to the kids or take it yourself. But I am sleepy today and I will need an extra cup of coffee. I am thinking a Grande Nonfat Latte from the Lucky Buck!
Have a great day ... MPM

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe June was relaxed enough to have a cocktail with her BIG weekend. We should find something fabulous to send Memphisgirl for her surprise nuptials. I have been racking my brain and all I can think of is bar glasses with a large base so they don't spill!



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