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Mermaid boobies ...

Saturday night was super fun and I spent most of yesterday "resting". I was not overserved, but my head definitely thought I was! We went to a very cool wine bar before and then to an awesome restaurant for dinner! All super yummy and worth every penny! I laughed until my sides ached and then laughed tons more. These are the greatest people and I am so comfortable being me! They are the best!!!

So ... the mermaid boobies? Ok ... here is my story! My outfit for the night included a white tunic. I was wearing a tank with a shelf bra so I would have no bra to show through. But because the tank was not the thickest one I own I added some petal pasties that I had picked up at Walmart. They are awesome! These petals cover up the nipples and then you have a completely seamless look. None of that scary "headlight" issue going on! Well ... when I returned home hours later and proceeded to undress for bed, Lawyer is standing in the bedroom surfing the internet. We are chit chatting about the night and all of a sudden he starts freaking out. Where have you been, what was the plan for tonight ... ya, ya, ya! WTH ... and then I realize ... I am standing there basically naked with the petals still on. LOVELY!!!

The best part? I had set them on the bathroom counter to put away properly when I was not so "out of it" and Babycakes found them first thing in the am. She is prancing around downstairs wearing her "mermaid boobies". He was not happy with me AT ALL. Oh, and it would have been better to be all nipples all night? I think not!



  1. You knew you were in trouble when you put them on! I love that babycakes was wearing them.



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