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Oh the perks of special ed!

Ok ... so some days are great, some days are terrible and then there is today ... which was (now that it has past) quite funny! We are in the carpool line this morning and just making the last round before the kids are to get out. Little Mister speaks up from the backseat and says to me ... I am not getting out today. REALLY? Just not gonna get out? It is not even raining and there is no rain in sight! So after some discussion I realize he really is not going to get out. So, I park, get out and walk him to the door. Now ... the benefit of driving them to school (verses walking) is that you do not have to get dressed at crack thirty! As I am walking up to the door one of the teachers says to me ... "Great pjs!". Thanks ... they are one of my favs. But wait ... it gets better! Just as I am kissing him goodbye I see the principal. She smiles, says good morning and then says as I am leaving ... "I think I like those pjs better than the red tartan ones." Oh, yes, yes many thanks! Like I said, the perks! Not every mother at the school gets compliments from the principal on their pajamas!


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