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No snuggles and the $20 conversation

So, last night I went to see The Other Boyeln girl. I have heard it was terrible and I was totally bummed. I loved this book. Every minute and every page. Absolutely loved it. When we arrived last night at the theatre I had decided it would be ok and if nothing else I would love the costumes. Complete surprise ... the movie was fantastic and I loved each and every minute. It was so lovely!!! When we arrived outside at 9 ish ... the heavens opened and the rained poured out. It rained so hard I was sure to be completely soaked upon arriving home. So, I get home completely pooped from the day. Lawyer is beginning to pack and I put on comfy pjs and curl up in bed with his laptop to scour entertainment news and read blog comments. My thought ... I will be comfortable until he climbs into bed and then maybe some "snuggling". I mean he is leaving town again for eight days.

So ... ten minutes later the storm is still very much alive and I am SOUND asleep, laptop and all. No snuggles!!! I did not even give him a hug or kiss goodnight. I was completely asleep. So, when the kids arose this morning at 6 ish with yet another storm ... he was already up and checking delays at the airport. When he came back upstairs and said good morning (being really sweet) I felt the need to apologize for passing out. I mean I know it was a long week and all, but the man is leaving for eight days.

So I ask him if he will be needing cash before he leaves. You know for the high priced hooker he will be calling in Texas. So ... his comments?

$4300? ... Isn't that what he paid her?
Do you know how much TV stuff I could buy with that $4300?
We could get an enormous TV plus an xbox and chairs that vibrate with the game.
My media room would look amazing!
Do you realize she got $4300 for about 20 minutes?
That means she makes $12000 an hour.
For sex? Seriously?

You would have thought we were having some big deep conversation. But no, I was just listening to him complain about how much people waste their money. Atleast I know he will not be spending all our savings on hookers. Now ... if he can find one for $20 I might have worries. But this is 2008 and they don't work for pennies anymore. So ... I am safe!


1 comment:

  1. The world is an amazing place, isn't it? GEEZ OH PETE--$4300 for a hooker --and teachers get paid zilch. What a bunch of crap. I'm in the wrong business.......but I ain't hookin' girlfriend.



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