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Oh Clemsongirl ... you are so smart

Ok ... Clemson Girl commented that I should post a picture of said armoire and maybe she could use it. Brillant! I will do so tomorrow as soon as the Jeep is out of the way and I am all done helping Lawyer pack for his trip. I am thinking the only thing worse than being a single parent for the next eight days is helping him pack to leave. Seriously if I leave it all up to him his suit, shirt and tie combinations will not be fashion forward! Trust me. No one is going to believe he charges that much per hour and looks like crud.

Also, I am thinking Clemson Girl has a point ... her weekend sucks! The only thing that may improve it would be a rainout. Unless she is the kind of mom that likes to sit outside and watch baseball. Which is totally ok, but I would rather stay home in pjs and watch too many movies and eat way too much popcorn. I am not a fan of baseball, it is swimming for us. Did I mention that is our plan for tomorrow? Not the swimming, the doing nothing. I am thrilled! After we drop Lawyer off at the airport we are planning a little am drive thru for the kiddies, a Lucky Buck for me and then a closed garage door and in the pjs all day!

Check back Clemson Girl ... I will have your photo very soon ... Have an Amstel Light for me and I will have some wine for you. Cheers!



  1. Deal. I'll trade you the armoir for the minis.

    I'll even bathe and feed them first.

    :) We will survive this weekend. Rain or not.

  2. So you guys know I'm moving to the HOtlanta area and if you live near Clemson girl, who will hopefully be my realtor, then we can all be friends???? Pretty please?
    PS I'll let you have my older mini, but not the younger one, she can't talk back yet!

  3. I've always liked sports with the possibility of a rainout--that's what my friends always say about basketball and never have that possibility.

    I can't tell you how many times we had 3 kids on three different travel teams at three different parks at least 25 miles apart.....and you wake up and hear rain and you just think....aaaahhhhh. Rainout. Thank you, Jesus.



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