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Once again folks ... it is raining!

Did I move to Seattle and completely forget? How can we be in a drought? It has been raining tons!!! It feels like every other day. I should have bought those cute little ballet rain flats from JCrew the other night when I was at the mall. They were super cute! I would be excited about the rain today. Little Mister woke me up at 3 to get in bed with him. I snuggled in his bed and promptly fell back to sleep. He does this a lot. We just make do! At 5 ish I heard a very large crack of thunder and then his comment ... "oh great ... its raining again". I had to giggle (just a little).

Ok ... to update ... Little Lawyer's interview went amazing yesterday. He has the ability to turn on the charm when he wants to impress. We will hear back on April 7 ... only 29 days to wait!

Got my hair done yesterday at Hair Girl's salon. Looks fabulous ... love the new highlights! The blond and carmel look great with freckles. Very happy! At dinner last night Lawyer says ... "did you get your hair streaked today?" Streaked? What the hell kind of compliment is that? That will not get you some loving!

I bought a antique tole tray on ebay the other day. The tray cost me $4.99. This was shocking considering I usually pay 40 to 60 maybe more. I have them all over the house. Really ... I mean all over!! It came yesterday and I was shocked ... you will be too! I will post the photo later today. Beware this one is a shocker!


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