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She's looking better ... but beware!

Ok ... so I have reduced the amount of anxiety attacks and I am feeling better. Although I did have another this morning ... but after some friendly conversation (thanks Sporty Spice) and
and a reality check I am feeling more relaxed. I do not like these attacks at all!!! So, I have crossed off all the "don't have to" off my list, added some "relaxers" to it and feel ready for the day.
I have all but confirmed Little Mister has a gluten allergy ... just need a blood test to confirm. He does so much better on days when he has little or no gluten products. It is almost scary the difference. After the blood results - bye bye gluten. Hello stress for Mommy! I will think about that tomorrow!
Today Little Lawyer has an interview at the private school for 6th grade. He is hormonal and grumpy today so I am praying he rallies before 1:00 when I pick him up from school. He will do great ... he is great with others - just grumpy and sassy to me. Lovely!
Have a great day ... see you here later ... MPM


  1. I am so glad you were able to narrow down and point the so called finger at gluten. There are so many places to get gluten free foods out there. I was the one that recommended Kim's blog to you and I hope it helps you out. She is a wealth of info. Plus there are so very many websites out there. Even Jenny McCarthy eliminated the gluten in her little guy's life and it made an astounding difference. Don't stress - you've got to take care of YOU before you can take care of someone else! ;)



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