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Random thoughts with my coffee

Ok, I am drinking my very yummy coffee and I have all these crazy thoughts today!

We (ok me) decided that we liked the armoire that the neighbors were disposing. So ... Lawyer and I went out at crack thirty one day with the Yukon and recovered it. Now it sits in my garage. I have not found a place to use it and I am thinking I need to discard it. Can't really just put it out on the curb can I?

In my next life I come back as a man. Lawyer gets up this morning at 6 ... wakes all of us up and then proceeds to climb back into bed and attempt to go back to sleep. WTH? Really ... get your but up and pitch in!

If I find two very ugly chairs, pay to recover them and now they look completely fabulous ... was it really better to buy all new?

If we don't eat in my car why does it always look trashed and always has some random snack on the floor?

How do I explain to Little Lawyer that his crazy outbursts are really just his hormones? Cause he looks at me like I am the hormonal one!

Why, why am I always forgetting things? I write everything down! But then I forget it? WTH??

At what age do you get hungover for just looking at the cocktail?

Where did I put my coffee ... oh, great!



  1. Ha - thanks for the funny post to brighten my day.

  2. Hormones. Boy, I can so relate. I may as well have a 16 yr old daughter with the way my son acts. I love him more than my own life, but, good grief, he's killing me!

  3. Me thinketh you should post of photo of the armoir, maybe I'd be able to use it?



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