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Faith is the glue that holds me together!

Oh ... faith! It truly is the glue that keeps me from completely losing it. I have to have faith ... if not the bad days will suck me in. I must believe I am fighting for a good cause. If I don't I will give up the fight ... COMPLETELY!

Another bad day yesterday ... not worth discussing or thinking about, but these are the things I must have faith in ...

1. I am in the 15% of couples who make it. Statistics say 85% of couples with a special needs child split up. I must belive I am not that couple. Even though I do want to kick him out atleast once a week.
2. My 11 year old troubles are just hormonal - he does not really hate me and want to move out. One day he will come to his senses and adore me once again.
3. Little Lawyer's anger toward Little Mister is normal. Any older sibling of a special child has some anger. Mine just choses to express it ... ALOT.
4. Babycakes love to be naked is not going to make her a stripper one day. I do not need to hear one day that she is a call girl and is taking money from the governor of New York. I mean, have you seen him?
5. I will not be this tired forever.
6. Drinking wine in front of my kids will cause them to think I am awful. (Little Mister did tell me "Don't drink drugs Mom!") One glass is really not alot ... did I mention it is a really big one?
7. I will once again have a housekeeper and the house will once again be clean on a regular basis.
8. My faith in God will be apparent to my kids. I will leave them a positive legacy to pass on to their kids.
9. Little Mister will continue to make progress and not one day have some strange set back and never improve again.
10. Giving up gluten with Little Mister will make me one Skinny Bitch!

That is all I have for today. I have once again misplaced my coffee. June Cleaver and I were talking yesterday about how we want nannies. Not really to take over our roles, but to free us up to deal with the things that arrive. Can you imagine? When one kids shows their fanny you could deal with just the one with the issue and not all three at the same time. It would be magical. But it is just a dream...

Off to find my coffee ... MPM


  1. Love this post - you should definitely have faith in these things! :)

  2. Have faith too, that your friends have your back and that we love you always.

  3. Hang in there--us women understand totally...and you are right. Your 11 year old is totally hormonal, a child with special needs can be so tough and your babycakes is just expressing her freedom NOW rather than later! :)
    Have you heard the song "I want to leave a legacy"? It reminded me of you...



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