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She's cracked ... no really she has!

So, how many times do you think one mom can lose it in a three day span before her husband decides to "work from home"? Is that husband speak for "you need to be watched"? Oh great, I have finally lost it. I can tell by the way my family walks around me and constantly asks ... are you ok?, is there anything I can do for you? It has finally happened ... I have lost it!

Since I had a uterine ablasion in October I am no longer visited by the monthly friend. Not at all ... not even a swipe! This is great and I love it but I am beginning to think that I still should be counting the days. That way I will know when my estrogen drops and the blind crazies are coming. Maybe then I will not think I need to be committed. This has been the hardest three days. This weekend has been filled with out of body experiences. You know the kind that you think about later and wonder ... what the hell did I do? I have lost it more times than I can count and finally crashed yesterday on the floor in my closet. (It was the only quiet place) June Cleaver swept in last night with kind words, a big hug, something to help me sleep and an I love you! Who could ask for more ...

Today I am feeling ok, but not great! I am hoping a day at home folding laundry will do me some good. That is if Lawyer and his constant questions don't wear me out.

Say a little prayer that it is just hormones and all will be well in a couple of days! MPM


  1. You poor thing! Take good care of yourself!

  2. What is it with these past few days? Everyone I know (myself included) is hormonal and going crazy! Hang in there! I hope you feel better!



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