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A little therapy and some sunshine!

Ok ... so my friend MAC recommended some sunshine for me and exercise for Babycakes. She also suggested I call my doctor and sheck the level of medicine I take. She was thinking 10 mg may not be enough. By the way Lawyer seemed eager to dial the phone I am thinking maybe she was right. So I called, got a new rx, a large tea with extra ice from the big Chick and decided we would check out Old Navy and Payless. (Thanks, Clemson Girl) So this is what I found ...

Super cute, heh?

And then at Old Navy ...

Stinking cute ... right? Is is just me or is this looking very Jcrew? Can't you just see these with a solid T and a cute colored cardigan for spring? Very excited!!!

I am ready for a little snooze before the boys come home to rest up. Post more later ... I also got some adorable enameled bangles and scarves. Can not figure out how to post all the photos at one time. I still speak only a little blog.



  1. I didn't see those green wedges! I think they would have come home with me too! I am going to have to figure a way to old Navy ASAP. Too cute!



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