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The wreath(s) and the crazy bird!

Today I will share with you the saga of the wreath on my front door. Hair Girl has been asking me to share this one! This weird stuff only happens to me. I can't tell if I am blessed or cursed ...

Ok ... so, I have had a dried boxwood wreath on my front door for a year now. About a month ago I noticed that one section of the wreath was missing. After staring at it for a while it occured to me that it was being used by the birds in the yard for their nests. Although this is very sweet and all it was not working for me. My fabulous boxwood wreath was being torn apart. So ... I needed to find a new wreath. At a local boutique of sorts I found a unique wreath to replace my sad, torn up favored one. It is square and made of fake boxwood. It is a good fake and I adore it. After shelling out more than I should have, I brought it home and promptly hung it on the door. It looks great and my plan is to adorn it with monthly plaid bows to reflect the holidays. Great plan ... eh?

So ... two days later as I am coming down the stairs I see a bird sitting in my new fake wreath. Seriously ... she is sitting in a fake wreath! Does she realize it is fake? By the end of the week she has completely moved in nest and all. This bird has built a nest in my new fake wreath. So that was about two weeks ago. Currently we have five eggs in the nest. Every day she lays another egg. Now I am not up on birds and their mating. My bird knowledge is slim and is limited to the most brilliant of birds and their names. That is all! Do they mate once and she lays an egg a day or does she mate every time she lays an egg. Because if the second is true the small brown bird who has taken up residence in my fake wreath is a hussy!!! Lawyer and I are skimming the internet for a photo to identify our mama bird. Currently he thinks she is a finch and I think she is a wren. Her eggs are bluish green with a few brown spots.

So ... get back to me on the mating thing. What do you know? If I do in fact have a hussy for a renter I will laugh out loud. Considering this week we had to break the S-E-X talk with Little Lawyer. That my dears is a whole new post!



  1. Hello! Well it looks like we are Preppy Swap Partner! Yay, this is going to be so much fun!

  2. Thanks for sharing the picture. I love that you have a hussy finch living at your house and a saucy wench trying to wreck your car!

  3. I used to have a wreath on my front door that the birds loved to sit in (I have a covered front porch, too, so it's not like it was just "out there".)

    It was so freaky to open the door to go outside and have a bird fly out of the wreath into your face.

    I finally had to take it down. Then we got new doors that are glass, so I don't have anyplace to hang a wreath now.

  4. I get a bird's nest in my front door wreath every year. We hate to open/shut the door and disturb the eggs. I thought we were the only people this happened to!



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