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Sick baby and a saucy wench!

So ... Little Mister stayed home from school yesterday with a fever. YUCK!!! Killed my plans for the day ... but having a lazy day was way cool!!! He layed around all day and was super sweet. He and Babycakes play great together so all in all it was an easy day. Our only outing was to McDonalds drive thru. I know ... big times here folks, big times! As we were pulling into the parking lot I saw a bumper sticker I thought you would like ...


Even better ... last week I got cut off by a scary little car and as she pulled in front of me I saw her bumper sticker ...


Now that is one I need. But not so sure it will go with the burberry monogrammed floor mats and the monogram on the back of the Yukon XL ... your thoughts?

My last thought is about a neighbor of mine. Yesterday it was 70 degrees here in Atlanta. My outfit consisted of a brown pleated skirt from Old Navy, turquoise perfect tee, brown cardigan, gold Haviana flip flops and lip gloss. Her outfit ... a long sleeved black t shirt, stone pleated khakis, merrells and a red puffer vest. Something is way wrong with this picture. Sweet girl ... I do not claim to be up on the weather, but please girl put the puffer vest in the "winter" section and move on to spring!!!


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