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Anal? Yes! Totally Crazy? Not Yet!

Today I took Little Lawyer and Babycakes to Hair Girl for a Spring Break haircut! They look fabulous! Totally worth taking them out of school early so she could fit them in. So ... while I was there she told me that yesterdays post was a little messed up. None of my reference numbers in my list of 100 things lined up. After thinking about it for a second I realized that I had moved some things at the last minute and never realized I needed to check any statements that referred back to another. They have been fixed and hopefully make much more sense now!

I am completely anal ... but as of yet I have not lost my complete mind! Though reading yesterdays post you probably would have thought so. Here is just one crazy example ...

5. I want the first cup of coffee in the morning ...

20. I love the smell of sharpies ...

28. I do not like to wear tennis shoes. Probably because of #5 and yet another reason for #20.

Like those three go together ... NOT!


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