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Must, must get organized!

I can not post today I am way behind! We leave for the beach in two days and I am not at all ready! Ok ... maybe I will post just a little! I am quite addicted to all my new friends in blog world!

Oh ... all the stuff I must do before I go -

Let's see where do I begin?

1. Convince Lawyer that he does want to go away with me, the kids and my parents and no they won't make him completely crazy this time.
2. Also tell him that if he comes he is not to bring that laptop. I will chunk it into the Gulf of Mexico never to be seen again. EVER!
3. Pack for myself and three kids.
4. Fall in love with all my clothing options.
5. Finish my monogramming orders. Only 25+ pieces left. Holy Crap!, I mean Crud!
6. Straighten house, yet again for the new maids.
7. Buy extra large bottle of vodka at the drive thru liquor store plus tonic and a lime tree!
8. Clean car - she is so scary!! I can not be driving down the road in a dirty monogrammed car. She will be way to embarrassed!
9. Get Little Lawyer prepared for his trip with SIL.
10. Ship extra cute preppy box to Green Magsterpie.
11. Ship equally cute box to Connecticut Charm. She deserves a big thank you!
12. Finish birthday party details for Little Mister.
13. Get excited about vaca!!! And not drink all the Vodka before leaving. That would require yet another trip to the drive thru liquor store and I do not have time!

Oh ... to much to do and not enough time. I spy an all nighter ... you?


  1. Where are you going? We're going to Siesta Key...


  2. I LOVE LISTING!!! It's one of my favorite pastimes.

  3. You actually have a drive through liquor store? That's awesome



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