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Earth day ...

In honor of Earth day and the focus on being green I have some thoughts. We are pretty good here in the house of law, but we can always do more! We already eat organic, recycle and use cloth napkins instead of paper ... but there is so much more I can do!

Here are my thoughts ...
Send snacks to school in tuperware instead of ziplocs.
Stop buying water bottles and use neoprene bottles.
Buy bulk snacks instead of individual packages = less waste.
Run errands on two days instead of five.
Set my washing machine for cold - somehow it got on hot and stays there! YUCK!!
Use reusable bags for groceries, Whole Foods and Target. I hate all those plastic bags ... more stuff to take back!
Bathe two kids together instead of one at a time. (They fight and I was over it)
Use my monogrammed mug instead of the paper one at the Lucky Buck (Great idea ... Thanks, maggi!)

Any other suggestions? I know I can so much more ...

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