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Some updates!

Ok ... finally got some photos of Paper Baby ... oh, he is such a cutie!

He is just this sweet! And when he cries, he is still super sweet!!

My visit at the hospital! It was such a full day! You forget how great they smell!!

Now on to my ho-dog of a wren who choose my front door to build her nest. Yes, well she apparently got tired of us using the door and has abandoned the nest. Now I have all new issues. What do I do now? The nest is absolutely beautiful and very Martha Stewart and now it is full of eggs which will not hatch. HELP!

The weather here in Georgia is amazing!!! Perfect Spring time days and chilly mornings ... just the way I like them! Of course it does not do anything for my to do lists. About 4 ish every afternoon I scrap it all and go outside to watch the kids play. I am getting nothing done! And I have tons to do ... TONS! Lawyer must think I am totally worthless, which I must say I am in the Spring. Oh, yes and the Fall, too ... pretty much worthless then too!

I took one of those quizzes on blogger. I was not happy at all. The quiz title - what kind of shoe are you? Now ... I love shoes! Love, love, love them! I am thinking - this is the quiz for me. So I answer all of the questions and get my answer ... I am a loafer? A WHAT? WTF is that??? I did not like that quiz at all ... it is apparently broken. You will want to steer clear of it!

Tons of work to do today ... must stop surfing and playing ... ok, in a minute!



  1. the bow on his little hat is too cute!

  2. Ohhhh, what kind of loafer? A penny loafer? Come on, show us the picture. Or give us the link so that we can see what shoes we are.

  3. So cute! Both of you!



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