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Oh ... Target makes me so happy!!!

Ok ... I stopped by Target today and hit it hard!!! Found the Whim by Cynthia Rowley line and spent $300!! Oh ... the pink and green from my store is no longer there. It is now in the back of the monogrammed Yukon XL. Oh ... it looks so good! If you need something pink and green from the Whim line and you live in my area you might want to steer clear of the new big T on Roswell Road!!! I am just saying ...

The naughty chair is still in play and working pretty good. We were only there twice today ... much better than all the QT time she spent there yesterday. Hopefully this will continue to improve. Now if I could just get rid of the head bobbing she has picked up ...

Talked to the BFF today ... she has her 1st dose of nausea. Oh the days of throwing up. I do not miss puking for 10 months. And why do they call it 9 months? Can they not count ... 40 weeks is clealy 10 months instead of 9!!!!

Lawyer heads back to Texas tomorrow. One more week and this trial will be behind us. Think of me ... I will probably still be unloading all the Whim stuff I picked up. Yes ... the whole week. I told you I hit it hard. I wasn't kidding!!!



  1. WTF? We have a color scheme for a vaca? I now have to go buy a new swimsuit in pink and green. The boys are not going for it at all, according to J, "babing suits need sharks or fire."

  2. I went to the Target near my house yesterday and got caught in the Whim section as well. I walked out of Target about 85.00 lighter. There are so many cute things.

  3. That makes two Targets in the Marietta area! I tried my best to purchase all the green bamboo print stuff from the town center target. Not even joking! I even purchase some of the green and blue stuff for sweet fireman. He is now the proud owner of a beach chair and umbrella. boy lived in florida all his life and hates the beach! what was I thinkin'!

  4. I got the Madras Drink Tub and wanted to get a lot of the Madras paper products. Unfortunately, someone beat me to it! I am going to try another one. I also loved the green bamboo print.



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