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Hump day happies ... and back to the big T

My new plates ... I have 6 of each - dinner, salad and bowls.

Oh ... and the large tray ... I got that too!

Doesn't this just scream "I need a monogram sticker?"

So .. there is a bad rumor going around (thanks June) that I like a color theme for vacation. Notsomuch!!! I do, however, love an entertaining theme. I get kind of crazy with the whole thing. (Just ask the back of my car ... oh yeah it is still there!) Anything preppy or pink and green will do. And now with all my new melamine plates, picnic basket, table cloth and umbrellas I am set for spring, summer and all the days to come! So, I may have mentioned that Hair Girl, June Cleaver and I are headed to the beach for a week in June with all the kids and a nanny. Hair Girl commented yesterday that she heard we had a color theme and kind of wigged out. I think she thought her boys were gonna need preppy pink and green clothes. Hee, hee. That makes me giggle. Just to think of her two cuties in pink or green is quite funny. They are boys to the t and think all bathingsuits should include sharks or fire. Mine totally agree!!!
And just to clear it up ... there is no pink or green on any of my suits. They are all navy, chocolate or black. They are slimming colors. They do, ofcourse, have monograms. Adds a little fancy! I am just saying ...

So excited about the weather ... I love it chilly in the morning and warmish in the afternoon. Spring rocks!!! Makes summer so much more tolerable when it is 140 degrees outside and all the kids want to do is play in the heat. We are headed to the park today for a weekly rendevous with the group. We all bring something for a picnic and sit outside and listen to a great band at the park. It is called the Ultimate Playdate and we love it!!! The weather should make it perfect. Want to come?

Oh ... and I made another trip to Target and now I also have a hot pink hose ... too freaking cute!!

Have a great one ... MPM


  1. I get so aggrivated when I read about all the cute stuff my blog friends find. I have to drive over an hour to get to a Target. It sucks!
    Love what you bought!!

  2. I am so confused... is there a problem with coordinating colors for vacations? (Heh-heh-heh.) I cracked up reading you went back and got the hose. Too cool!

  3. OMG! Those are too fabulous. I LOOOVE your blog!

  4. I need to go to Target! Everything you got is so cute!

  5. i have towels...what colors are you looking for?

    the target near cumberland has a ton of your pink/green plates etc.

    see ya this weekend.



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