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Spring Swap ... the update!

The fun package I put together to send off to my partner ...

S – Super cute monogrammed koozies
P – Pretty preppy whale notepads
R – Really cute & super preppy gardening supplies
I – Inspiring book on entertaining & preppy napkins
N – Napkins in a green preppy holder
G – Green and white monogrammed tote

And the super cute and fabulous things I received ...

I mentioned a while back I was doing the Spring Swap hosted by Connecticut Charm. I loved the thought of it and the whole thing sounded like super fun. It turned out to be way more than fun ... it was a fabulous experience!!!

First of all ... I loved my partner! I was blessed with Green Magsterpie ... a girl very similar to myself. We had so much in common. In fact ... our monograms are almost identical ... so weird!!! She is super cute, very friendly and a joy to meet. She has inspired me to spend more time at the Marietta Square and get more involved in the town of Marietta. I live in this city and still do not REALLY get involved. It happens with three kids, sorry to say! I have so enjoyed meeting her and I am positive we will only see more and more of each other. I ADORE her! She is a complete doll.

Second ... I love to shop! It is a problem and I do know it, but I still love to do it. I so enjoyed shopping for her and gathering happies. She loves green and blue and I stuck to this theme. It worked great and I think she really loved them.
Third ... I got such great gifts! She is a great gift giver, very thoughtful and attentive to details. How could I not love her choices? They were perfect for me.
I would do this again in a heartbeat ... but I would be so nervous! What if I don't fall in super like with my partner ... how would I ever shop for her ... I would need a Venti Nonfat Latte from the Lucky Buck for that event!! Hee ... hee!
Have a glorious day ... MPM


  1. Yay! Hope you enjoy the beautiful day!

  2. Love what you guys gave each other. I really had fun doing this swap too. I hope someone has another one for the summer! BTW, please tell me where you got those whale note pads...I am in love with them!!

  3. Swap's are so much fun! Its such a neat way to make new friends. Love your gifts.

  4. So cute!! Y'all did a fabu job with your swap!

  5. Hi- just found your blog!

    Where did you find the whale notepads?

    I can't wait for my partner to get her gift and for me to get mine!

  6. IT is all so cute. I love what you gave her and what she sent you. I hope they do a summer one b/c I might have to sign up.



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