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Beach pics and the friendly egg ...

So ... yesterday was kind of yucky ... I will just leave it at that. Dinner ... too much wine and a very cold slice of Papa Johns vegetable pizza. I know ... gourmet dinner of champions! So ... I am attempting dinner and bed routine for the kids (behind schedule) and the BFF calls from California. Her living there totally sucks!!! She is so far away and the time change completely bites. Who has time to schedule quality phone time with a three hour time change? Like I said ... totally sucks!

So ... she asks about the beach, the kids, my life the last week. You know, the general catch up information! Then the conversation turns to her life ...

Me: So ... what is up?
Carrie: With who ... me?
Me: Yes ... what did you do last week?
Carrie: Got pregnant!
Me: Excuse me?
Carrie: Oh, you heard me ... apparently I have one friendly egg.
Me: SCREAM!!!!!

Ok ... just to update you, has wanted a baby FOREVER! She got married in 1998 ... that busted up in 2002. And in 2006 she remarried and moved to LA. The baby thing has been her number one priority. But she thought it would take forever. Apparently not! She's prego!!! And I could not be more excited. Well ... I could but she isn't moving next door so I need to get over it.

Ok ... beach photos ...

The kids sharing a towel and a snack ...

Babycakes after nearly drowning on Monday afternoon ... she spent most to the rest of the week on the side of the pool.

Little Mister had a birthday on Monday ... he is 7!

My perch at the beach ... lime green chair, pink and green towel, pink monogrammed cooler and my tervis cup with hot pink monogram. Perfect!

Oh ... I miss the beach! But ... I need to get back to real life!


1 comment:

  1. Glad to have you back home--we missed you! CONGRATS TO YOUR FRIEND--so exciting!



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