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All clear!!!

Praise God!!!! the cardiology appointment went great! They were looking for an ventricular septal defect (VSD) which is not present. Little Mister has recently seen a geneticist at Emory, who after hearing that he had an extra digit removed from his thumb at six weeks of age, began discussing with us all the genetic issues that can be present with this extra digit or Polydactyly. We had previously thought that once the extra digit was surgically removed all was behind us. As for the thumb, it is. But, there are a bunch of genetic problems that can be present along with the extra digit. The one was called Holt-oram syndrome (the heart issue) and the other is a blood disorder known as Fanconi's Anemia. We are waiting on blood results to rule that out and have about 6 weeks left to wait. I know ... big fun. Once these two, which are the most serious, are ruled out we can look at the less problematic ones. Those do not scare me ... these two do!!!

So ... one down and one to go.

And on a positive note they did find something called an LSV (left sinus Valsalvia). This is present in one percent of the population. 99% of people have only one source of blood flow into the heart - on the right side. Little Mister is special. The LSV means he has two sources of blood flow into his heart, one on the right and one on the left. It is no big thing and does not affect the heart at all. What does this mean ... he is special!!! But I could have skipped the whole last three weeks of drama and told you that ... FOR FREE!!!

Cheers! MPM



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