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Vaca for two at ... Serenbe!!

So ... the deets you have all been waiting for! Lawyer and I took off last Thursday for three days at Serenbe! It is an amazing place!!! I completely recommend you going and enjoying every last minute! It is so close to home (only 32 miles) yet feels so far away. It is a planned community and an inn on a farm. The inn is made up of the main house, lake house, guest house and three cottages. We stayed in the Dogwood Cottage suite. It is a bedroom, massive bathroom with fabulous tub, living room and large screen porch. Your breakfast is included (and it was amazing every time), tea time is at 4 and you can either eat dinner at the Farm House or in town at The Hil. I recommend you try both. They are both the best food I have EVER eaten. This is the most perfect place and the people are truly amazing!!! I can not say enough fabulous things about this amazing place. Very relaxing and the absolute perfect place!

I could go on for days ... but instead I will make a list of my favorite things!
1. Mint sweet tea made special for me when I inquired what they use all the mint on the farm to make.
2. Warm cookies delivered to your room every day at 3. The chocolate chip were my fav!
3. The wines perfectly matched to each course with dinner.
4. The amazing bed - the one Lawyer and I completely ripped apart trying to figure out how they made it so fabulously comfortable.
5. The perfect farm sounds.
6. The black sky (you don't see that in Atlanta) and the million stars.
7. The perfect grits!!!
8. Fresh squeezed orange juice.
9. Feeling completely relaxed!!!
10. The tshirt and boxer combinations Lawyer packed just for me! They were so cute!!!
11. Driving to the inn in the Jeep with the top down!
12. Talking without being interrupted by short people.
13. Taking long hot showers.
14. The wonderful massage and facial.
15. The parfait at The Hil and the brown sugar cookie on top!!!
16. Being away from the kids for three days.
17. Their smiles and giggles when we got home!
18. My parents who loved the kids like I would while I was gone.
Truly ... this place is perfect! Check it out ...


  1. This sounds like heaven!!! I love tea with mint :) I usually buy Plantation Mint, so I am sure that fresh was a special treat.

  2. we are so going to try this place! I love how quaint it looks. Close enough to go for a weekend and not spend any time in the car. Now I just need to find a weekend...



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