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And I thought having a baby made me a mom ...

Ok ... I have had two over the top situations lately. You know the kind ... you question a situation and then decide, "I must do this, I am their mom!" I am sure looking back on the last two days Lawyer would not have responded the same way. His take would have been - "there must be another way to fix this". But me, notsomuch ... I am in the trenches, I am the mom!

So it started on Thursday afternoon with Little Mister and another one of his constipation bouts. Oh these are so much fun for all!!! We were at June Cleaver's house for our regular Thursday cocktail and play date and his constipation kicks in. I will leave out the horrible details. Let's just say that when he gets constipated he tries to hold it in and it continually sneaks out. Oh this is BIG fun. So after a couple of hours of playing this game at June's, we finally feed the kids and I take mine home. Oh, he has clothes that need washing and he and I are both totally frustrated. With the situation and each other!!! So I get him home and he finally produces the movement and ofcourse it is huge. My doctor calls it a toilet choker. And ... they are! (I always feel like he just gave birth) Fabulous!! But wait ... now the toilet breaks. Seriously? WTH????Won't fill up, won't flush and I am completely hacked off. I can not leave the stinky very large thing there all night and until the plumber comes ... what will I do? June suggests I get it out of the toilet and there in lies the mom moment. The kids are in the shower and I am next to the potty with a slotted spoon, a colander and a bottle of bleach. I leave it there!!! Are you kidding me - am I really doing this????

Then, last night we are enjoying a drive in Lawyer's Jeep with the top down. We just dropped off Little Lawyer for a sleep over and we were on our way home. The kids are quiet in the back. Babycakes is playing with her new mini Pucci Puppy and Little Mister is playing game boy. It is going to be a great night!!! All of a sudden Babycakes starts bawling and screaming. And I am thinking OMG ... did one of them fall out of the jeep on the street? Oh yes they did ... but it wasn't the kids it was Pucci Puppy. He flew out of the jeep and is on the road and she is hysterical! So, I do a u-turn go back to look for Pucci and there he is in the middle of the road. And me ... yes, that was me dodging cars at 6:45 pm to retrieve Pucci Puppy. Yes, that was me risking my life to save a stuffed dog. Only because I am the mom!!! He is safe and resting comfortably!!

I am hoping to fly under the radar today ... MPM


  1. You sound like an awesome mom!

  2. Mom of the Year award coming your way! I would have lost it trying to scoop poop.

  3. Moms are the strongest humans on Earth.



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