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New friend or new boyfriend?

Ok, so first of all it was a VERY long day. Not going into it at all, so please do not ask. Tired, exhausted really, but Little Mister is not sleepy so he is watching "just one more show pwease" and I am blogging.

For a long time now I have compared friendships to relationships with boys. Please let me explain before you tilt your head to the side and say "huh"? When you are in a "relationship" with a friend it can easily be compared to a relationship with a guy. You have your enjoy them when you see them places girls, just hang out with girls once in a while girls, your see atleast three times a week girls, your do everything together girls (1-3 of these) and your married for life girls. (You know what I am talking about, you just never thought of it like that before!) And there is the end of "relationships". You don't miss the see them places friends or just hang out in a while girls. You will probably miss your 1-3 do everything together girls, but breakup with a married for life girl and you will need therapy and drugs. And don't even get me started with what happens when you see your married for life girl out with a new girl. That just plain sucks!!! There are rules and they must be followed.

So ... I do have a point. I meet people all the time, we all do. You like some, you hate some, you tolerate some and once in a rare while you find someone you start rearranging your schedule for and want to propose to almost immediately. These are the truest friends and can never be replaced!! I can count on two hands the number of these I have in my life. They span years and will never go away!! I was recently blessed with one of these kind of friends and I am completely smitten. She is fabulous and I have no doubt she will enter the inner circle rapidly and stay there for a very long time.

May you too be blessed!!!

(BTW ... Little Mister fell asleep on the couch! So freaking cute!!)



  1. Totally know what you mean- I met this girl here in Australia and I know we will be friends for life!

  2. I really connected with your friendship analysis. I recently "broke up" with one of my girls for life girls. She had been having a hard time in life and felt I couldn't be a part of it, if I wasn't going to change for her. (Soooo much like a girl-guy drama!) It's given me a lot of sadness, but has also made me more appreciative and receptive to my other gal pals! So exciting that you have a new many new memories!!

  3. Great observation. I am going through my list of friends right now to see who fits in where.

  4. Very cute post! Yay for a new "love at first sight" friendship! I have several of those- you just know right away that it is going to be forever.

  5. I TOTALLY agree with you and never really thought of them as my married girlfriend. I love it. I think we would be really good friends, too, and maybe we will be if I can ever get my damn house to sell so I can move my arse to Atlanta. I went to TJ Maxx today too. I thought about looking for Lilly and I saw those racks and racks of crap and couldn't go there. I went to bedding and bought Big Brother new bedspread and sheets though! :)



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