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Babycakes and her "Daddy"

Yesterday was a yucky day. Don't know how to better describe it. My dear friends rallied and tried to support me, but to no go. Still yucky!!! Not feeling much better today ... but I'm trying.

To sum it up I have been waiting for genetic testing results from Emory. We had to wait eight weeks and next Wednesday is the date. Called yesterday to touch base and got bad news. They just started the test on June 2nd and it will be completed in 6 to 8 weeks. 6 to 8 MORE weeks. Do not even get me started on the emotional rollercoaster I rode all afternoon. Didn't get much better when I called to update Lawyer. He acted like a Jackass. No better way to put it ... why sugar coat it? So on top of the rollercoaster now I am MAD!!! I warned you ... yucky day!

So the rest of my day progresses and I am running errands in the afternoon in the Love Car (aka Borrowed Car). 'Cuz I love that car. It is fabulous!!! Had to get gas yesterday and the little computer screen told me how to do it. Not lying ... the car rocks!!! Finish up the errands and head back to the house to see Mary Poppins and the kids. She was just returning from the pool and Little Mister was foul!!! He had been holding in that BM for a few days now and it was making him MEAN!! So ... we do the potty dance and about ten minutes later we get the largest poop EVER (total of 6 huge ones) and now I am trying to figure out how to plunge the toilet and get it all worked out. Dude ... I warned you from the beginning ... Yucky day!!! But he is now in a great mood and all is well. I am plunging the mess out of that poor toilet and Babycakes answers the phone. I hear her talking to Daddy. Not excited. At. All. She can talk all she wants I am not in that place. She goes on for about ten minutes ... here are the highlights ...

Hey Daddy.
How is your day Daddy? Are you still at work?
Mommy is home.
Little Mister finally pooped. It was huge ... he is much happier now.
Mommy is fixing the toilet. There was too much poop to flush it only once.
I had a sandwich at the pool. And a Sprite.
Oh ... and chips.
Mary Poppins is here. Do you want to talk to her?
No ... Mommy is still busy fixing the toilet.
She is wearing a black skirt today. It is really pretty.
Are you coming home? Before I go to sleep?
Ok Daddy ... I will see you later. I love you!

Oh yes ... she is super sweet. I am not. Still mad. As I finish up in the bathroom I head back to the bedroom and Mary Poppins tells me to check the phone. Babycakes was talking to Lawyer ... but something seemed off so I should check the caller id.

Oh yes ... not Lawyer at all. The service manager at the dealership. My car is ready. He calls back and can not hold in his laughter. That poor man knows more about me and my day than he ever wanted to. And he loved it. Loved every minute. He could barely talk on the phone. It was good to hear him laughing so hard. Glad my day makes someone happy.

Returned the Love Car. Very sad ... very, very sad.



  1. I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD at your little one talking to the car dealership. That is TOO much! Love it.......
    And the genetic testing thing--did I miss something or are you waiting to share what is going on? You'll be in my prayers.

  2. Love that story about Babycakes. Sorry to hear about Little Mr. At least you won't be worried about cell service at the beach and missing the call. I will bring an extra big bottle of Vodka and all the limes your heart needs for next week! Love, hugs, kisses. Feel better...

  3. Cute story about your little one talking to the car guy. LOL actually ROFL

    Cute blog, found it by way of Clemson girl.



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