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"Borrowed car"

As you know we are preparing to leave for the beach on Saturday. All 11 of us. Me and my three, awesome nanny aka Mary Poppins, June and her two and Hair Girl and her two. We will have a blast!!!

Yesterday I took the Yukon in for pre-beach service and they gave me a loaner. But not just any loaner, the brand new 400 miles mack daddy pimped out loaner. And of course I immediately fell in love. Shocking!!! I drove out of the lot and swore I would never return. The new car smell alone makes me high. I mean high and really happy. I am easy to please!!! I ran errands all day yesterday in my new ride. The only down side was the super large vinyl sticker on the back window. It says it does not belong to me ... nothing a razor and twenty minutes will not cure. If they are going to "loan" you the fancy car why not let you pretend it is yours. I think it is rude they continue to remind me I do not own it!!!

This dealership is the best in town. Their customer service is impeccable and they are really good at what they do. REALLY good! They chose they hottest chick they can find to check you out. You are so busy admiring her you do not realize you just paid $1600 for new brakes. It's all good. She's fabulous and you do not care. Lawyer says they know exactly what they are doing. Contrary to the other dealership we use that has the scary 80 year old chain smoking check out "girl" who can not check you out fast enough. He says it is worth some extra money just to get the hell out of the there.

So ... I spend all day completely enjoying my "borrowed car" as Little Mister calls it and running errands for the beach. The kids were home with Mary Poppins. When she left Little Mister asked me if we could get drive-thru dinner and ride around in the borrowed car. Sure ... why not? We popped in a movie and bliss immediately appeared for all. As we are driving to Wendy's he says to me ... "Mommy .. you should tell the company that you borrowed this car from that it is sweet, totally off the hook!" Sure baby, no problem.

I hate to tell him we get our Yukon back tonight. He will be sad.

And so will I!



  1. I love "loaner" cars also. It's just nice to drive around in something that doesn't have crumbs inside for a change :)

  2. Ahhh, and to think I may have a tire issue on the monogrammed minivan this morning...

  3. I bet you even let the kids eat in the borrowed car. As long as it isn't ColdStone you are good to go!



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